Sterile Processing

We offer a wide range of products for sterile processing that include capital equipment such as scrub sinks, bedpan rack systems, instrument preparation and linen inspection tables under the Imperial Surgical brand, and consumables such as plastic padlock security seals, instrument cleaning brushes, identification tape, silicone pin mats and instrument protectors from Batrik Medical.


Disclaimer: Please note that some medical devices advertised in the catalogue pages or listed on this website may not be licensed in accordance with Canadian law.  We diligently review medical device registration, however, the website may not be updated instantly.


Identification Tape

BATRIK Identification Tapes are a simple and inexpensive identification solution for marking surgical instruments.

  • Quickly identify instrument by department or procedure
  • Easy to apply
  • Withstands repeated exposure to sterilization
  • Has more tape per roll (300" / 762cm)
  • Available in 9 colors and 2 widths (1/4" / 0.635 cm and 1/8" / 0.3175 cm)
  • Packaged in a convenient clear box
  • Non sterile

Sterilization reports are available. All samples tested validated the efficiency of sterilization, even underneath the tape.

Product Selection

 1/8" WIDE 
 1/4" WIDE 
 T-125-01 T-250-01 White
 T-125-02 T-250-02 Blue
 T-125-03 T-250-03 Green
 T-125-04 T-250-04 Red
 T-125-05 T-250-05 Yellow
 T-125-06 T-250-06 Purple
 T-125-07 T-250-07 Orange
 T-125-08 T-250-08 Brown
 T-125-09 T-250-09 Black


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